Innovating for Worker Justice

Responding to the deep crisis facing American workers, The Workers Lab will support organizing strategies, business models, and platforms that will lift wages and transform the lives of US workers.

Enterprise Institute: Training on business model generation, customer discovery, and financial projections.

Financial Support: We offer grants, recoverable grants and convertible notes in an open application quarterly.

Technical Assistance: We have a team of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and worker organizers who are available to offer advice and support to emerging ideas.

Field Bridging: We support hackathons, convenings, and conversations with people from a range of industries and skill sets to solve some of the most pressing issues workers are facing.

The challenge of this moment is to re-imagine and re-invent a new middle class where US workers can thrive.










Our Model


Participants & Lab Partners

Supporters and advisors to The Workers Lab include Service Employees International Union, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society FoundationRoosevelt Institute, Amalgamated Bank, Democracy Alliance, Kapor Capital, and many other valued partners working on behalf of Americans in low­-wage jobs.

Fall Participants


Summer Participants


Enterprise Participants

For university collaborations, The Workers Lab will support only “direct costs” of a project or those that are directly attributable to the design, planning and implementation of a project.  It is, therefore, not our policy to pay indirect fees to university partners.