We are excited to announce a partnership with Indiegogo. This partnership will give two of our Lab Partners, Workers Defense Project and ROC United, access to the 15 million people who visit Indiegogo each month, as well as a tool for encouraging these visitors to match a portion of their grants from The Workers Lab.

The Workers Lab provided grants to Workers Defense and ROC United to implement two projects that will build worker power:

  • Better Builder Program: Soon to be an LLC of the Texas-based Workers Defense Project, this enterprise is working with contractors and developers to improve conditions for construction workers by offering training, on site monitoring, reduced insurance premiums, and fast tracked project approvals for Better Builder certified projects. Building on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ certification program, this effort has potential for national scaling.
  • Top Server: A technology-focused project of ROC United, this project will place an existing workforce program that provides professional training and certification to help restaurant workers advance to living wage jobs onto a mobile platform, making it available to workers across the country and serving as a revenue generator for the organization.

In addition to building worker power, our aim is for these projects to scale and be self-sustaining. This is why the partnership with Indiegogo is critical. By using the largest global fundraising site for their campaigns, our Lab Partners are positioning themselves to get the word out about their innovative approaches and generate additional revenue using the biggest platform possible.

Over the next few weeks, Indiegogo will provide Workers Defense and ROC United with one-on-one coaching and guidance in preparation for launching their crowdfunding campaigns. Look for these campaigns to launch in September!